The 5| Things to do when you feel overwhelmed by blogging

It has been quite a while since I was on here and it was a much needed break. I needed to regain direction for my personal goals, blogging goals and all of that as I noticed I was starting to feel a tad overwhelmed by blogging. You know with so many amazing blogs online, it’s hard not to compare yourself and this definitely brings more brooding than necessary. I have been working my ass off to get back to blogging again, writing down ideas and thinking of the best ways to grow my blog and reach out to more people.

These are some of the things I did that helped me cope with this phase in my blogging journey:

1. Take a break:

Honestly, you need to! You need to have some alone time and think. Why did you start a blog and what were your intentions? So I took time off the blog and even off social media to enable me have a clear head and self motivate. I noticed that I had stopped enjoying the process of blogging, I had starting posting out of duty rather than out of relevance. I stopped sharing previous posts and even looking forward to my next shooting days. There were even some days I thought blogging was not meant for me anymore but turns out I had just forgotten how to be relaxed and enjoy the process. I wanted my blog to meet up with really high standards(which is not such a bad thing) but I didn’t understand that it took time and I had to enjoy the process.

2. No Stat Obsession: 

To stay sane in the blogosphere you have to understand that growth is a process. Don’t stress yourself too much because your stats are not yet what you want it to be. Instead, you should post relevant content consistently, learn more about your niche and see what happens. There’s no magic in this game, we all have to work for what we want!

3. Re-evaluate goals and make plans:

 Once you have taken a break you need to go back to the drawing board and re evaluate your goals. Are they too tough? You need to break down your goals into very simple and attainable goals so as to reduce that overwhelming feeling of wanting to achieve an unattainable goal. As time goes on and you smash your simple goals, then you create more complex but still attainable goals.

4.Get Inspired:

 I repeat, Get Inspired not copy. There’s a very thin line between the both of them. I recently realized that you have to search for inspiration consciously on various blogs, magazines, movies and even your environment. This helps to keep you gingered and motivate towards achieving your goals.

5.Remain Positive:

 Do not let anyone dampen your dreams. I know I am not the only one that gets overwhelmed at times but I ensure I don’t let anybody belittle me because I’m taking a time off. I mean, it’s your hussle! Guard it and don’t let people with negative energies come

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by blogging. What you did to overcome it!

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19 thoughts on “The 5| Things to do when you feel overwhelmed by blogging

  1. This is a very inspring post subomi.Thank ylu!
    I’ve been overwhelmed alot of times and in the process i’m hard on myself but like you said all we need sometimes is a break and positive energy..And i often remind myself that nothing good comes easy.
    Blogging could be overwhelming atimes but then we just have to remember why we started.

  2. I missed you subomi and I’m glad you back. Well there was a time I went off but at that time I wasn’t really known in the blogosphere so many people had no idea if I left it was only my close friends that went all the way to ask me about blogging. I used that time to rebrand, switch to self hosted site and create better content

  3. Fam!I really needed this. It’s been raining a whole lot lately and as such, I haven’t gotten around to taking pictures for the blog. This got me all stressed and anxious and I’m like “I need a break”. Blogging should be a fun hobby not something I’m doing for others. Good to have you back though, looking forward to more inspiring posts.

    1. Yes, Breaks are necessary. Once I noticed that blogging was becoming less fun for me, I immediately decided to take a break and go back to the drawing board.

  4. I think as a blogger you either feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed most of the times but sometimes the only way to get over these feeling is to take one step back and when you are ready two steps forward. Very inspiring post!

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