Oils vs Lotions For healthy glowing skin

One of the best practices a person can develop for healthy and glowing skin is moisturizing, whether your skin is oily, dry or combination skin. I personally have a dry skin and have extra reason to moisturize daily to avoid dry patches or my skin peeling. Who else has major dry skin issues?

The most popular option for moisturizing the skin used to be regular creams and lotions but in recent times, loads of people have started turning their backs on creams/lotions and have started going for oils, with coconut oil being a favorite of the masses. Recently I got curious and did some research to check which of these two options is healthier and better for the skin and I discovered that it all depends on you and the type of your skin.

Who else used Jergens when they were little? I remember when I was younger and I used to use Jergens, I used the dry skin one and Lord knows I used it every blessed day but no change on my skin. It just moisturized for a few minutes and it was gone, Like I never moisturized. Personally I would recommend using oils (especially if your skin is dry like mine). Because they contain no chemical additives and can most times be more affordable than the latest lotion on the block!

But Oils and lotions both have benefits and drawbacks but can both be properly included into a skin routine. I will be sharing tips on choosing the perfect skin moisturizer, either Oils or Lotions.


Tips for choosing creams/lotions

  • Who knew creams are different from lotions. Creams are oil based while lotions are water based! The major decision to be made is choosing a cream/lotion.
  • If choosing an oil based, make sure it doesn’t include any mineral oils, parabens, petrolatum, or petroleum jelly.

Extra Tip – Choose a cream/lotion with sun protection especially in this Nigeria with our unpredictable weather!


Tips for choosing oils

  • Choose a plant oil; Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Argan oil are all popular options. I normally thought if I used just oil as moisturizer, I’ll break out and all but that’s why it’s important to choose plant oil. These type of oils are easily absorbed into the skin
  • Make sure its 100% natural and free from processing. I mean, this is necessary to get the full benefits.
  • Apply oils when your pores are open and this is immediately after a shower. It definitely helps the skin absorb the oil.

Extra tip – I’m sure you can tell from this post that I’m totally on board with using oils. If you are not all about the ‘oil as moisturizer’ life, You can add oils to your daily moisturizer so as to get the best of both worlds!

I use coconut oil which I once bought from a roadside seller at Yaba but I also recommend checking RandrLuxury. They stock coconut oil and also some other natural oils, such as shea oil.

Which do you guys prefer to use, Oils or Lotions and how well has it worked for you? Do let me know in the comments section below!



18 thoughts on “Oils vs Lotions For healthy glowing skin

  1. Hmmm, i can totally relate. I don’t even know if i v an oily/dry skin but what i know z during hatmattan i was using a mixture of coconut oil nd sheabutter but den heat came nd i still kept using dis mixture nd dis z bcos I’m dark skinned nd it makes ny body really glow. When i was using cream//lotion i wasn’t really satisfied with my skin so i kept using different typew until i settled for cocoa butter but den it doesn’t really work for me, maybe i v a dry skin lol, but dis heat can be a factor too o, I’d rada use cream dan use oils during dis heat period cos they make u sweat more, i mean d oils. Great review dear 👍

    1. Yes, I also use shea butter during the dry season but in this hot weather I normally stick to coconut oil because the skin absorbs it so quickly. Thank you for your comment girl!

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