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Heyy darlings, First things first, Happy new month to all my lovely readers. You guys are truly amazing and we have have just 24 days to 2017, Whoop Whoop! Also it’s now time to go look at our goals and try and finish the undone ones. Let’s make the remaining of 2016 very productive.

Remember this DIY earrings from my Currently I Am post, Well here’s the DIY I promised. I wore these earrings to LFDW and I got a lot of comments about how fringe was in season and trust me to say I made them myself lol.

So This post is going to be a step by step pictorial guide on how to make similar tassel earrings. These are the things you will need

DIY on how to make FRINGE TASSEL earrings


•Superglue(not very important as if not careful this could end up making your fringe ropes glue together)

•Rope(anything that can serve as a tassel really, I used the ropes from my curtain decor)

•Earring hooks(I took off the earring part from one of my mom’s old beaded earrings)

1st step

•Seperate about five or six ropes from the rest which you would use to tie the tassels to the earrings and also to hold them together.

How to Fringe Tassel earrings pictorial

2nd Step
•Then insert one of the ropes or two into the earring hole.


3rd Step
•Use the rope inserted in the 2nd step to to tie the rest of the tassels to the earring hook. Also make sure to tie firmly and repetitively.


4th step
•Now get the remaining ropes you separated before and tie the falling ropes together then you cut to your desired length(Or you can just decide to rock it like that)fullsizerender-5


img_49851My fashion musings subomi salami wearing fringe earrings
And Voila! Your fringe earrings are ready to wear. Thank you for reading!

Remember to tag me on instagram on pictures of your DIY earrings! Also what do you guys think of more DIY’S on the blog?

thanks-for-reading-my fashion musings

Ps: If you want to know why i started blogging again, I talked all about it in my first post here!



23 thoughts on “HOW TO|DIY Fringe/Tassel earrings

  1. Yes to more diys, they can b so fun to create. I used baby wool when i did mine, not for earrings tho but as an embellishment to a dress.

  2. Yes to more DIYs! How do you guys do it? I’ve done lots of DIYs but didn’t record he processes. The one that pained me most is the gladiator sandals I made recently from an old sandal.

    1. Whenever I see am in the mood for a DIY, I just keep my phone nearby or sometimes I have to redo the DIY all over again for the blog. Thanks for commenting!

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