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A mixture of perfumes and  chocolate is the perfect way to mend a bad day!    -Subomi Salami

Hi darlings, How has your week been? Mine has been really uneventful and passed by so quick. So today we will be talking about perfumes! Yes, one of my most favorite things in this world. I recently started using Signorina misteriosa by Salvatore Ferragamo and fell in love. It has such a feminine, berry-like smell which smells just perfect.

But the main question is, How long does it last or rather How long can we make it last? So I compiled 6 ways tried and proven by me that will actually make your perfume last longer.

1. Rub Vaseline on your skin before applying perfume
I’m sure we all have Vaseline or some sort of skin jelly in our homes (Preferably unscented, so it doesn’t mess with the scent of the perfume). Just rub a little on the part of your skin where you plan on applying the perfume as this will help to seal in the scent.

2. Apply perfume to your pulse or heat points
Coco Chanel once said, “Apply perfume where you want to be kissed”. You should apply perfume on both wrists, dab some behind your ears and trust me, the next person that hugs you will comment on your smell.

Guide on How to make your perfume last longer and how to use perfume properly
Guide on How to make your perfume last longer and how to use perfume properly

3. Apply when your pores are open

I once saw in an article that lotions, oils and even perfumes should be applied when our pores are open. And When is this? Use your perfume immediately after taking a shower. This will enable the perfume to sink into  and be absorbed by your pores before they close up.

4. Absolutely do not rub  

I know we all rub our perfume especially when it’s on our wrists we dab on but this is an absolute no-no. Rubbing your perfume together causes the scent to break and to fade faster. So this is definitely a habit we need to break before 2017! Who’s with me?

5. Spray from a distance

If you check most perfumes or body spray bottle it’s normally written to spray from a distance. This is because the perfume ingredients may be harsh to the skin and also to ensure the perfume keeps it’s scent!

6. Store properly

Perfumes have to be stored in a dark, cool environment away from direct sunlight. If these storage rules are not followed it could cause the perfume to lose it’s scent and become ineffective when used!

Guide on How to make your perfume last longer and how to use perfume properly
Guide on How to make your perfume last longer and how to use perfume properly

7. Layering

This is my personal favorite because it works so well though it might be a tad more expensive than the other tips. Most times when we buy perfumes, they usually come along with shower gels or lotions. When the lotions and shower gels of the same perfume is used it creates a base for the main perfume and leaves the perfume smelling strong and fresh. Or if we can’t get the perfumes own branded lotions or stuff you could just get the flavor. For example, a vanilla flavored perfume could be layered with a vanilla flavored shower gel or lotion, you get the idea yeah?

Also, Perfumes don’t make bad Christmas presents! What are some of you guys favorite perfumes? And have any of you guys tried these tips? If Yes, What were the results!

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