Five things to dump for a delightful 2017

Darlings, say Hello to my last post in 2016. The journey has been rough with me losing my content at some point and restarting My fashion Musings all over again but It has been an enlightening journey all the same. I’ve learnt more about myself, blogging, online presence and it would definitely not have been possible without the Β help of my lovely readers! I’ve discovered that I have been carrying around a lot if baggage this year and it’s time to dump some so I can have a rockin’ 2017. Here are some of the things I noticed!

1. Old Clothes and Make up

Most people (like me!) tend to be hoarders. I used to hate being torn from something I own be it something I actually use or not, but around the time I started this blog I decided to start developing some sort of a capsule wardrobe where I have just a few clothes I actually wear. I know it will take a long, long while before I get where I want to be with that but it’s always a good idea to start now. This is the perfect time to go to your wardrobe and remove all clothes you have not worn this year. If you did not wear them in 2016, you are most likely not going to wear them in 2017!

Then to makeup, I never gave a thought to the fact that makeup expired oh till I saw an article online. Then I went to my makeup stash and then my eyes opened. I realized that I still had my first ever red lipstick! I made sure not to enter 2017 with those now toxic makeup items. If this is you, then you already know what to do!

2. The act of pleasing people

This is something that definitely needs to be dropped in 2016! When you try to please people always it leads to a loss of identity and self confidence. Also when the people around you notice that you’re a people pleaser, then they move in and start to take advantage of you and walk all over you. If this has been happening in 2016, we definitely don’t want it happening again in 2017 so it should absolutely be dropped!

3. Toxic people

Watch the people you allow come close to you because most of the time they have great influences! If the people you are surrounded always try to bring you down or discourage you from achieving your dreams then they are definitely not the right crowd to hang out with in 2017! You need to hang out with people who inspire you and help you achieve your dreams in their own little way!

4. Shopping without a budget/list

This one I’m definitely guilty of and this is why we spend so much money on clothes we probably would not wear! Reverse to No 1. which talked about excessive unnecessary clothes; If budgets are used, the amount of clothes we have that we don’t wear can be reduced or even eradicated! I always try when going shopping to write a list, even if it is a mental list. This helps you remain organised during shopping, spend less and buy what you actually need.

5. Bad Habits

We all have habits we don’t like and want to get rid. They may range from procrastination or unhealthy comparison to having bad eating habits. Well, the experts say it takes onlyΒ 21 days to break a habit. So why not start today and break that habit before the end of January 2017!

Well, That’s it for now! I want to wish you guys a happy new year in advance. I can already tell that 2017 is going to be an amazing year for everyone of us.


What will you guys be dropping in 2017. Anything similar to these? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

52 thoughts on “Five things to dump for a delightful 2017

  1. I intend to stop being a people pleaser and stop procastinating
    Hoping for the best in 2017
    Wishing you a wonderful new year my dear

  2. Toxic people and sopping without a budget/list.. yess hun I agree 100% and I’m glad you’ve covered those points. I always find myself spending crazy amount of money on sh#t I don’t even need and end up chucking away anyway. Toxic people gotta go!! You’ve got a beautifulllllllll smile by the way!! NO homo πŸ˜€ !! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Happy New Year to you and your family!! Dominica from

    1. I also spend money on a lot of things I would not end up using and I decided it’s going to end in 2017 and Toxic people definitely need to go! Thank you so much dear and Happy new Year to you too!

  3. Such great advice, girl, and I feel everything you’ve mentioned is something we all can relate to. I know I’ve fallen victim to people pleasing and it does make me feel out of tune with myself, which is not a good feeling at all. I’m very excited about starting fresh and working on all the areas I need to, some of which you’ve mentioned, that will help make me a better and stronger person this year. Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful, and I hope this year is filled lots of love, joy, fond memories, and success!



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